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Students get creative at annual Math Expo


Over 200 middle school and high school students participated in the Arlington Math Fair. Ottoson Middle School students worked with Mathematics Professor Emma Previato (Boston University) throughout the year as they researched problems ranging from the "Simplex Lock" to the "Golden Ratio." High school students were also mentored by teachers and mathematicians in the Focus on Mathematics (FoM) project. From the 145 research projects displayed in the local Math Fair, FoM judges and teachers selected 8 high school projects and 6 middle school projects from Arlington for the FoM Annual Math Expo at the Boston Museum of Science on June 11, 2005. Following the Expo, a Special Exhibit in the Blue Wing Gallery of the Museum displayed 8 posters representative of the student mathematics projects from all five partner school districts (Arlington, Chelsea, Lawrence, Waltham, and Watertown). The Special Exhibit from June 13 - June 22nd included 1 project from Arlington High School and 1 from Ottoson Middle School.