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Raytheon's MathMovesU Raises Awareness


Raytheon Company's MathMovesU initiative is helping to excite middle school students about math by showing them how it plays a role in the things they find interesting. MathMovesU enlists an impressive group of "kid cool" celebrities, such as BMX biker Dave Mirra and soccer star Mia Hamm, to show students that math can lead to cool careers.

The program responds to a growing math crisis in America and is helping to raise awareness of the importance of engaging students in the study of math. MathMovesU has attended a number of events to promote math education... and was was proud to be among the principal sponsors at the 3rd Annual Focus on Mathematics Expo at the Boston Museum of Science recently. Focus on Mathematics (FoM) is a National Science Foundation Math-Science Partnership of teachers and mathematicians committed to increasing student achievement. Click the link above to read more.